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Affordable Mobility in our city is essential for all of us every day. This is why the Berlin Senate established an overall traffic management. It targets on a free flow of traffic in normal situations, during peak hours and in unpredictable events.

Control and management of traffic is the legal duty of Berlin´s State Road Traffic Authority and is executed by the Traffic Control Center Berlin. The Traffic Information Center (VIZ) is operated by a service provider. It researches and compiles all traffic related information and provides you with information on construction sites and other events in the road network. The most important events are compiled daily for the media for publication. The Traffic Map pictures the current traffic situation on Berlin´s main roads with a short delay of 5 minutes. It shows where traffic flows smoothly and where motorists should expect traffic congestions. The map is based on current traffic data from more than 1,000 measurement points as well as travel data of cars moving in traffic. Like all the other services of the VIZ, the Traffic Map is accessible for free.

The city´s mobility portal also provides you with all current information on street traffic, on public transport (bus, tram, underground and city and regional railway), on air traffic and on flexible mobility services such as car sharing and bike sharing schemes as well as intermodal routing services.


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