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Low-Emission Zone

In order to enter the area within the S-Bahn ring, vehicles need the green sticker since 01.01.2010. Stage 2 of the low emission zone thus came into force. The introduction of the low emission zone is intended to reduce the air pollution caused by motor vehicle traffic and relieve the burden on the population living within the low emission zone.

The driving ban applies to vehicles with the highest pollutant emissions. Stage 1 of the environmental zone has reduced diesel soot emissions by 25%. Emissions of nitrogen oxides fell by 14%. Stage 2 of the environmental zone aims to reduce particulate matter from diesel exhaust gases by a further
40 % can be reduced.

You can determine whether your vehicle receives the green sticker by using the key number entered in the vehicle documents. The stickers are issued by the vehicle registration office (Landesamt für Bürger und Ordnungsangelegenheiten – LABO), the exhaust emission testing authorities such as TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ and the approximately 800 guild workshops authorised in Berlin.
The regulations in detail as well as an overview of the exemptions can be found here.